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Weddings and funerals at the church

I will explain briefly


​Wedding information

◆For those who wish to have their wedding ceremony at Catholic Tamatsukuri Church ◆ Couples who are Catholics and those who are not can have their wedding ceremony at our church. The conditions are that the couple must be married for the first time and have taken a marriage preparation course conducted by the Catholic Church. The ceremony will be held on Saturday at 11am or 2pm.  ◆ Preparations leading up to the wedding ceremony ◆ If you are a Catholic believer, you must have received the Sacrament of Confirmation. If you have not yet done so, please contact the priest of your church as soon as possible. Also, several documents are required for believers to get married. Please ask the priest of your church. The first thing you need to do is apply to the church where you plan to get married. Please contact us in advance and request an interview. (For a wedding of believers, if the officiant is not the parish priest of the church to which the believer belongs, a authorization letter from the parish priest is required.) ◆ Application for marriage course ◆ We will give you information regarding the marriage preparation course. Once the wedding ceremony has been officially decided, the person in charge of the wedding ceremony will be available to discuss preparations, rehearsals, and the day itself. For applications TEL: 06-6941-2332 Catholic Tamatsukuri Church Rectory


Funeral information​

◆ Funerals held at our church are generally limited to Catholics ◆ ・Funeral Masses and wakes can be held in the cathedral, small church or Joseph's room. ・The funeral service company will be in charge of all funeral arrangements. ・You are free to choose a funeral service company, but the church can also introduce you. Contact information TEL: 06-6941-2332 Catholic Tamatsukuri Church Rectory

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