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「シャローム」4月号 巻頭言



①  今日、私たちは喜びに満ちています。人はいろいろな理由で喜びを感じることができます。理由によっては、喜びが長く続くことも短くなることもあります。さてここで、一つ質問があります:皆さん、永遠に続く喜びを望みますか。それとも望みませんか。

②  この質問に答えるためには、心の奥底にある願いや憧れまで踏み込む必要があります。毎年、NHKは新しい大河ドラマを作っています。今年のテーマは何でしょうか。はい、紫式部の生涯についてです。紫式部は「源氏物語」という小説を書きました。小説の初めに源氏の母である桐壺は自分の死が近いことを知り、愛する天皇にこんな歌を捧げます。





③  紫式部は「源氏物語」を11世紀の初めに書きました。しかし、彼女はこの心の憧れに対する完全で決定的な答えをまだ知りませんでした。1549年から、この完全で決定的な答えは日本で広がり始めました。そして、この広がりはスペイン人の男姓によって始められました。その名は聖フランシスコ・サビエル。

④  復活したイエスキリストは心の奥底にある願いや憧れに対する答えです。永遠の命への憧れはイエス・キリストの中に完全で決定的な答えを見つけます。「源氏物語」に戻ります。桐壺帝の最初の妃であった弘徽殿大后が亡くなったとき、孫の落葉の宮はそのおばあさんの体の隣に泣きながら残っていました。侍女は彼女に言いました。






        Easter: The Lord’s Day


                       Fr. José Ramón Rubio Moldenhauer

1 - Today we are joyful. A person can be joyful for many reasons. Depending on the reason, joy sometimes lasts longer, sometimes shorter. And at this point a question arises: Do you desire joy forever? And is there anyone who does not?

2 - To answer this question, we need to go deep into the heart, where the deepest desires and longings lie. And for that we are going to do the following. Every year, NHK presents a new historical series. What is the theme this year? Probably you will know it. It's about the life of Murasaki Shikibu. She wrote the novel Genji Monogatari. At the beginning of the novel, Kiritsubo, Genji's mother, knows that her death is near and dedicates this poem to her beloved, the Emperor:

     "I leave you, though it pains me,

          to follow the path of all.

                If I had a choice, this would not be

                      the chosen path."

She has known love for the emperor and for her son Genji. And her wish is to remain forever in the company of those she loves. This is a desire that lies deep in every heart. It is the wish for eternal life.

3 - Murasaki Shikibu wrote this novel at the beginning of the 11th century. But she had not yet known a complete and definitive answer to this desire of the heart. It was not until 1549 that this full and definitive answer began to spread throughout Japan. And it was a Spaniard who did it: Saint Francis Xavier.

4 - Jesus Christ, dead and risen, is the answer to the deepest desires and longings of the heart. The desire for eternal life finds in Him a full and definitive answer. Let’s return to Genji Monogatari. When the Empress Kokiden died, her daughter, the Princess Ochiba, stood beside her mother's body weeping. And her maidservants said to her:

"We understand your sadness,

but your mother has set out on the path

that awaits us all

and which knows no return.”

Again, we find an answer that responds to the deepest desires and longings of our hearts! Someone has returned from this “no return” path that awaits us all! His name is Jesus Christ and he is the only begotten Son of the Father. Jesus Christ is risen and lives forever! And we can take part on his resurrection!

5 - The deepest desires and longings of the heart finally find a full and definitive answer in Jesus Christ. Let us give many thanks to God for this infinite gift.

2024年4月号 巻頭言
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